Walking:Holding is a project by Glasgow-based artist Rosana Cade. It is a participatory performance for one audience member at a time, offering a gentle exploration of identity, touch and intimacy in urban public space. The project is coming to Valletta as part of Latitude 36 this July and we are looking for a diverse range of local people to take part as participants.

Walking:Holding is a subtle, experiential performance that involves one audience member at a time walking through a town or city holding hands with a range of different people on a carefully designed route. Born out of a series of ʻholding hands experimentsʼ in Glasgow, with both same sex and mixed sex couples, the piece asks people to challenge prejudices in the flesh, and experience first hand what it is to walk in someone elseʼs shoes – or hands. The work is focused on exploring the experience of queer and minority identities in urban environments, and is simultaneously an experiment into what can be learnt when two strangers share an intimate moment in public. It also asks questions of the social diversity and cultural codes within each town that it takes place.

The performers, or ‘hand holders’ are a group of local participants who are different ages, races, genders, sexualities and social backgrounds, to creating a diverse and rich experience for the audience member. This performance is about bringing very different people together to walk hand in hand in public. It’s about flesh to flesh experiences of difference. It hopes to encourage greater understanding and tolerance amongst people who experience it, and to open up new possibilities for ways of being in public space, and ways of being with each other.


As a participant you will attend a group workshop on Tuesday 2nd July from 6.30pm to 10.30pm a rehearsal on Thursday 5 th July from 6.30pm to 9.30pm and then take part in the performances on Friday 6 th July from 6.30pm-9.30pm and Saturday 7 th July from 3pm to 9pm. In the performance you will be stationed at a specific point in the town and walk with every audience member for about 5 minutes before passing them onto the next participant, then returning to your starting point. Each audience member will walk for about 30-40 minutes and hold hands with about 6 or 7 different local participants. We are looking for people of various genders, backgrounds, sexualities, ages, appearances, races and religions to take part. No previous performance experience is required, just an interest in the project.

To apply, kindly fill in this Google form 

Please note that we will be able to cater for a range of access needs and you don’t need to be able to walk. Refreshments are provided. For more information please contact latitude36events@gmail.com.

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