Image: Second floor Galleries. Photo: Alexandra Pace.

The  building which today is known as Blitz was originally the family home of founder Alexandra Pace’s grandparents and it is the house where her mother was raised together with her five siblings. After standing empty for over 30 years, the building slowly started coming to life when Alexandra returned to it in 2007 and started a slow but steady restoration process. Today, each of Blitz’s four floors shines in its full former glory as the building now houses a project space, an in-house artist residency, exhibition galleries and Alexandra’s own private residence and studios.

The ground floor is the entrance and Blitz project space. It is also vital to the Blitz programme as a social space and learning centre. In an area totalling approximately 60 square metres the multifunctional space, which includes a bar, plays host to a range of events and functions that stimulate debate, experimentation, creativity and exchange with visitors.

The first floor is the brain and creative hub of the building, housing the Blitz studio and a self-contained apartment which is the site of the Blitz Residency.

The second floor Galleries occupy approximately 120 square metres of exhibiting space, suitable for wall-based art, installations, film screenings and performances. It is a programme of exhibitions and installations curated by Blitz, and guest curators, which is a reflection of our multidisciplinary curatorial vision. The programme also works in tandem with the Blitz Residency to form a long-term programme of collaborative projects. The space is also used for talks, lectures and conferences.

The top floor is a private residence.

Image: G Plan: Made In Malta exhibition, 2016. Curated by Alexandra Pace + Violet Kulewska. Photo: Alexandra Pace.