Sensory Apparatus

18 March – 6 April, 2016
Artists: Bonamy Devas, Libby Heaney, Anna Ridler

Have you wondered what it would be like to physically experience the inner workings of your handheld device? Sensory Apparatus defies curatorial convention by challenging our preconceptions of what makes an exhibition. Three London-based artists with backgrounds in art and science transform Blitz into a new sensory experience. This installation uses electromagnetic radiation, infrared emissions of the body and data leakage from smart phones, all present in the space, and makes it possible to physically see, feel and inhabit the invisible elements of the technology we use every day. Comprising a three-room installation and education room,

Sensory Apparatus is a collaborative, interdisciplinary installation, making visible the incessant flow of data we constantly and often unknowingly create, bringing into question our perception of how technology shapes the apparently ‘optimised’ society we live in.



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