Rituals For Our Safety, Nikolas Ventourakis
Blitz Residency Programme – February 2017

Rituals for our Safety is an exhibition that deals with notions of safety; of how opposite and contradictory visions of safe spaces are part of contemporary political discourse and end up being a matter of belief. 

The topics in the exhibition vary from personal rituals that we create to make ourselves feel safe – such as the kid tucking its feet inside the duvet so that the edges are not exposed, or a person with fear of flying making sure that he or she is not awake to experience the flight – to wider reactions of states and societies towards perceived dangers that lead to events like the the recent Muslim Ban in the USA and the proposal for the construction of a Border Wall, or the suppression of sexuality.

Rituals for our Safety considers local contemporary and historical notions of safety and refuge, the history of Malta as very much intertwined with the arrival of the Knights and the use of the island as a sanctuary, together with a constant colonisation and exchange of the dominant power. A discussion focusing on the prevailing narrative about “Keeping us Safe / for our Safety” that is hammered into us by politicians and institutions, as well as large portions of the population, is welcomed and pursued.

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