Repetition & Transformation


Public talk by Tarsha Finney – Architect, Urbanist, Senior Lecturer
January 2015

Produced in collaboration with We Live Here

This presentation will look specifically at Richard Meier’s 1972 Bronx sited Twin Park’s Northeast project in the context of the housing project in the City of New York and Kenneth Frampton’s 1974 observation of The Typological Burden. The apparent banality of Frampton’s questioning of the continuity of piloti flanked arcades through a trajectory of housing projects since the 1920’s obscures what it is that the pilotis reveal in the lifting of the building up, that is, the ground.

Looking at the Housing Project, whether publicly or privately owned and procured, through the evolution of the ground, it is revealed not as the consequence of a series of institutional and government initiatives, but rather as the effect of these two sites of operation, the ground as object and the ground as strategy. Here political action and the design process itself are brought into closer proximity, as part of a continual questioning via the occasion of the coming into form of the housing project and the question what is the city, where the subject itself is always under investigation.

About Tarsha Finney
B.Arch (Hons) UNSW, M.A H+U AA London (dist.)
Tarsha Finney is an architect and an urbanist. Her research interests cross several areas: domesticity and the problem of multi-residential housing with specific knowledge of the cities of New York, Beijing and Sydney; architectural typology and notions of disciplinary specificity and autonomy; and the architectural urbanism of innovation in cities. In 2003, whilst completing a Masters degree in Housing and Urbanism at the Architectural Association London, Tarsha won the Michael Ventris Memorial Award which enabled her to conduct primary research in China looking at the Danwei Live work unit implemented by the Communist government following the 1949 revolution. In 2004 Tarsha commenced doctoral studies at the Architectural Association with the Thesis: Repetition and Transformation: The Housing Project and the constitution of the Urban Field. New York 1935-1971. Supervisors Architectural Association: Lawrence Barth (AA) and Dr. Nikolas Bullock (Cambridge University). This work has now been transferred to UTS Supervisors Prof. Desley Luscombe(UTS) and Dr Charles Rice (Kingston).

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