Ducks! Do It Again.

Blitz Residency Programme – May 2017

Repeating then is every one, repeating then makes a complete history in every one for someone sometime to realise in that one.

(Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans)

Berlin-based artists Ducks! have learned from the artists they admire, from Gertrude Stein and Delia Derbyshire to Björk and Missy Elliott, that any sound or word looped on itself can become a beat, and that therefore, in dance music, no sound is taboo. In their Tiny Lights studio, they’re as likely to record a close-miked cactus or a toy plastic dinousaur as a guitar or a glockenspiel. A burst of room tone becomes a note, a bottle landing in a bin becomes a beat. Lani’s lyrics draw out the sounds and words suggested by these rhythms, and the words she chooses are themselves altered by being repeated. Now, in their 2017 residency at Blitz, Ducks! further explore the transformative potential of word and sound loops. Ducks! Do It Again is a recording project, in which Lani and Craig investigate the role played by repetition in music enjoyed by humans, in history and today, featuring lectures, workshops, recordings, and a unique concert performed by Ducks!

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