Otto Krause & Milan Loviška, in residence 8 October–4 November 2018

Otto Krause and Milan Loviška use diverse, performative formats and technologies to question established modes of perception and explore the relationship between audience and performer. Their atmospheric works bridge various fields in the arts, science and popular culture. Otto is a stage and costume designer for opera, theatre, dance, performance and film. Milan studied contemporary dance, and psychology, and alongside his own work regularly collaborates with artists in the visual arts, music, theatre, dance and performance. During their residency Otto and Milan will investigate the furrification and plushification of performative spaces, actions, roles, objects, and events. Similar to fursuiting – the anthropomorphic fetish of dressing in full-bodied plush fur animal costumes by members of a subculture called the furry fandom – the artists dress up performative artefacts in faux fur and plushy textures. This hybrid plushophilia can be seen as a portal through which to escape the physical, spiritual, psychological or sexual constraints imposed by the human body and by human consciousness. The outcome will be a performance installation that dramaturgically appropriates the relation of cuteness to care, through various media, and invites audience engagement and sensorial interaction with these soft forms.

Residency dates: 8 October – 4 November 2018 (exhibition and public programme to be announced)

The Blitz Residency Programme is supported by Valletta 2018 Foundation. 

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