Blitz is pleased to announce the first open call for applications to send one artist abroad as part of the Blitz Residency Programme. The programme has to date been an international call inviting artists to Malta, to live and work in the Blitz building for one month. On this occasion, artists living and working in Malta are invited to apply to undertake a one-month residency in Greece, through an exciting new partnership between Blitz and Snehta, an artist-run organisation based in Athens. The Blitz Residency Programme is a core strand of its artistic and public programme, created to facilitate a long-term, international artistic cultural exchange, while fortifying our role as cultural incubator and advocate organisation for contemporary art practice in Malta. Visit the Blitz Residency site for more information about the programme, and past, present and future residents – blitzresidency.com

In the fall of 2017, Snehta opens its doors to eight (8) international contemporary art practitioners to live and work in Athens throughout autumn 2017 – the Blitz-Snehta residency will send one artist as part of this intake which will take place in October 2017. Each artist has access to an Athens-based curator, to work with throughout their stay in support of their research and the realisation of an exhibition. The curator will be in discussion with the artists prior to and during their visit to Athens about their work and intentions, thus aiming to knit a tight collaboration between the artists, themselves and the local scene. The curator’s role will be to guide, discuss and work with all artists towards an idea or concept. The residency aims towards an organic growth of ideas between the curator and the artists that will result in the final presentation that will be the mutual product of all everyone involved. The Snehta team will co-coordinate and monitor this collaboration throughout.

Snehta was formed in 2012 in Athens with the purpose of bringing international artists and curators in contact with the Athenian art scene. Snehta aims to expand artistic activity and research in the City, fostering new relationships and collaborations internally but also beyond the borders of Athens and Greece. Snehta stands for the name of the City of Athens written in reverse. The title symbolically suggests that resident artists and curators are to rediscover Athens, and furthermore Greece, by translating, reading it reversely or alternatively. The Residency aims to create a dialogue with the social, material, aesthetic and architectural infrastructure of the City by taking into account historical, psycho-geographical, contemporary and traditional factors that have formed it. Artists and curators alike are called to use the local dynamics and characteristics of the Athenian environment whilst bringing along their own interests and inclinations. Snehta is open to highly committed individuals who will demonstrate a genuine interest in the City’s current state, taking into account its current economical, social and cultural condition and its place on a global scale.

Visit Snehta’s website here – www.snehtaresidency.org


The residency is open to all artists based in Malta. Non-Maltese applicants should have been living and practising in Malta for a minimum of two years and be able to demonstrate engagement with the local cultural scene, for example, through exhibition, publication, education, studio practice, or practice as an arts professional. Applicants must be Maltese citizens or be in possession of a Malta residence permit or of a Maltese citizenship certificate or of a Maltese passport.


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